Tips To Consider When Choosing Small Wedding Venues

The biggest decision that you will have to make when planning your wedding is finding the ideal place for the ceremony and reception. Given that there are countless small wedding venues nowadays, this decision could be difficult. Remember that this day must be special for you and fiance, so both of you should sit down and examine all the potential spots.

The following are some of the things to take into consideration when choosing a venue:

Size: Essentially, you need to check out a venue in advance to ensure that it’s the right size. Considering that you want a small wedding, if you select a place too big, then this will not be a cozy event. On the other hand, if you’re inviting several dozen attendees, you need to ensure that they are not feeling cramped.

Spending plan: Even though you are using a smaller venue this will not necessarily fit into your spending budget. In case you have a limited budget and you are looking at a venue that is over and above your price structure, consider having a cocktail or brunch reception at this place rather than a plated dinner.

Practicality: Do you want to get married outdoors or indoors? In case an outdoor setting seems more desirable, remember that it could be more demanding and even more expensive when compared to an indoor setting. In the event that you are one of the adventurous types and the ideal wedding will be on a mountainside, you should not overlook the fact that your guests may not appreciate having to trek up the mountain in their fancy clothes.

Flexibility: When you are flexible with your week hours and even the time that you want to get married, then you will certainly have more options to consider when it comes to small wedding venues. For instance, you have a better opportunity to find your selected venue more available on Sundays than Saturdays. Keep in mind that regardless of the date that you decide on, it is always best to carry out your venue search and plans in advance.

A Wedding Planning Worksheet For The Perfect Wedding

Many people do not know the effectiveness of a wedding planning worksheet. The fact of the matter is that a wedding planning worksheet will aid you in organizing your wedding properly without any hassles. A wedding planning worksheet will actually make the planning of your wedding less stressful.

A wedding planning worksheet will help you breakdown the wedding plans and tasks into small manageable ones so that you can easily remember them and execute them. Most of us have never planned a wedding before and most probably the first wedding we will plan will be our own. This is the reason why none of know the details and the preparation that goes into planning a wedding. Even the smallest detail is important to have the perfect wedding and it should not be neglected. That why a wedding planning worksheet is important.

Planning a wedding means remembering many small details which are normally overlooked. For example, we might order the most elaborate cake for the wedding but forget all about the cake stand and cake boxes. With a wedding planning worksheet, there is nothing to worry because even the minutest detail is taken care of. It will also help you prioritize your tasks so that you know what is important.

Most wedding tips websites have wedding planning worksheets and you can easily download one from those websites. Remember, you can change and adapt any downloaded wedding planning worksheet to suit your needs and requirements. Nothing is etched on stone. A wedding planner will make it easier for you to make arrangements for the photographer, flowers, pre-wedding parties and even help you plan your honeymoon! The worksheet will guide you step by step as to what you need in order to have the perfect wedding.

When you have an excellent resource like a wedding planning worksheet why not take advantage of it and ensure that your wedding is the perfect dream wedding you have always dreamed about.

Overwhelmed By Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding can be stressful. Don’t feel alone! There are many couples who succumb to the stresses of wedding planning.

The best advice is to make a plan and make it as early as possible.

It’s a good idea to follow wedding etiquette but not to a point where it will make you crazy or cause you to go broke. There are plenty of books and articles on wedding etiquette but their suggestions are not written in stone.

If it is the number of things that have to be done that wears on you, find friends and family who are be willing to help and assign them projects to complete. Don’t feel that you have to pay them in any way for this service. If you can afford it though, a small gift may be appropriate but it is definitely not required.

Your plan should include all of the major things that have to be taken care of like where to hold the ceremony, where to hold the reception, how many guests and things of this sort.

Taking care of just these three items will put you into a position to think about what else has to be done.

Oh, in your wedding planning, don’t forget about the wedding officiant early on. This is especially important if the wedding ceremony isn’t being held at a church that has a minister to officiate the ceremony.

Many officiants fill their schedules way in advance and it is sometimes hard to find someone who meets your expectations is you wait until the last minute.

If it is the costs that you have you frazzled, set a budget and stick to it. Keep in mind that anything that is preceded by the word wedding (wedding planning, wedding flowers, wedding favours) is marked up 100% to 300%.

This is not to say that there are not vendors in the wedding industry that will give you a good product for a good price, there are plenty of them. It does take some work to make sure you are getting what you expect. You need to check them out and get references.

There are some items that can be bought for your wedding without having the wedding label.

Find ways to save by doing some out of the ordinary things.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Buy a cake from a local food store, add wedding decorations yourself
2. Shop online for flowers, dresses, accessories etc.
3. Do you know a seamstress? Buy a dress that needs some work at a reduced price
4. Limit the number of band members or get a DJ instead
5. Cut your own music CDs and have a friend man the act as DJ
6. Have a friend who is a good photographer or videographer?
7. Use your own caterer not the facilities’ (many hire outside caterers anyway)
8. Small wedding, have family and friends provide the food and beverages
9. Buy your own alcoholic beverages with an agreement to get a refund for unopened bottles

One word of caution, always check out those you are going to buy from or hire to perform a service. Do or have someone do a little research for you to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

Don’t let the wedding planning get you down. Remember it is your wedding and you are the one making the decisions. You are in charge. Get what you want. You can do it. You can have the dream wedding that you’ve always wanted without being overwhelmed.

Don’t stress, have fun with the whole experience.